Saturday, August 6, 2011

Time to get back in the game.

It's been a ridiculously long time since I posted on this blog. Basically had the little man and it was all over. Well, with number 2 on the way going to get this party started again. Have a lot to share and can't wait to get started.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Our Little Man

We brought Licoln home 2 days ago and I can't stop staring at him. He is so dang cute. I still can't believe he was in my belly or that I'm now a mom! We spent 2 days at the hospital with no access to the internet so getting the word out (and photos) has taken a little time but it was nice to have the time to just focus on him.

The last two nights have been a little rough and I from what I hear it's not going to get easier any time soon. We had the classic first night with no sleep and funny diaper blow outs. I didn't know they can pee and poop at the same time! It was exhausting and great at the same time. My parents are in town and everyone is in love with him and we are grateful for the help.

Here are a few of his first photos. I am also starting a project to take a photo a day of Lincoln to document his first year. Hopefully it will be come a journal of sorts and will go beyond just cute baby pics, although there will be plenty of those too. It may be a while before I get the first batch posted since taking care of him is a full time job right now, and I'm lucky to get a shower in let alone post images, but hopefully after awhile I will get to posting them regularly.

Here are the official stats:
Lincoln Reinhart Faber
Born June 11 at 10:27
8 lbs 5 oz
20.5 inches long

Monday, June 9, 2008

The New Addition

No, it's not the baby. We have a new kitty, Olive, that we adopted last week. Or should I say that she adopted us. She has been hanging around the backyard for over a month. After establishing she didn't belong to anyone, we tried to find her a home but couldn't find anyone who could take her. She is so sweet and funny that even though this is bad timing with the baby due any day, we finally gave in, named her and took her to the vet. We think she is about 9 months old. She is slowly learning to be an indoor cat and she and Lucy seem to be doing ok around each other. We are such suckers, but who could resist that face.

Sunday, June 8, 2008


It is now officially three days past my due date and no baby yet. Waiting is harder then I thought it would be. You spend so much time preparing to be ready to go to the hospital early that it is a little anti-climatic once the day comes and goes. I'm sure it will be worth the wait but little guy come on out already, we all want to meet you.

One good thing about him coming late is that it has given us time to get the nursery in shape. I want to add in some more vintage and handmade toys but it is pretty close to done. A few of my favorite things: the orange and green quilt my mom made, Jon's art over the crib, the chair that Kate loaned us, the vintage books from our childhood, the stuffed cat, the cardboard deer and the owl bank my sister gave me.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Bye Sweet Ramona

Our baby girl left us yesterday. After 12 years it was very hard to let her go but it was time. She was diagnosed with a pretty severe case of irritable bowel syndrome (similar to Chrohn's disease) more then a year ago but had had been doing well on medication. Sadly over the last few weeks she stop responding to her medication and went downhill fast. She was about as sweet as they come and had the best purr ever. She pretty much purred anytime you talked or petted her. She was sweet and mellow and loved sleeping on the couch and laying in beams of sunlight on the wood floors. We are very sad and will miss her.

Monday, May 5, 2008

35 weeks prego

Hard to believe we are in the final stretch. We still have a lot to do. Here are the latest images plus my belly made the news. Too funny. You can see it here:

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Breaking up a curb

Check out the photo of our back yard transformation. Somehow Jon talked a group of friends to help tear out the mysterious curb in the back yard. It was a lot of work but the beer and oysters after word made it a little more fun. Jon next ripped out the circle in the center of the yard, cleaned it all up and added sod. The checker board pattern makes me think of a giant chess board. He has been working on the beds and all the trees are now filled in. Will post more images as more things start to grow and bloom.